Notable quotes from the book 5 Dates...a Man-Plan

“Experience has taught me the hard way that being alone is a lot less lonely than being in a bad relationship full of chaos and drama.” 

“Clarity about a relationship only happens once the drug of lust or love has been detoxified from our system long enough for the thick fog to be lifted from our field of view.” 

“What’s the saying? Misery enjoys company? So, too, does happiness.” 

“I always thought that it was just an expression. But those fine little hairs that you can barely see back there [on the back of your neck]? They really do stand straight up. Like a highly trained soldier. It is your body telling you, I can’t explain this in 3 seconds or less, but you need to turn around and run like hell.  Which we never do. And by we, I mean women. We likely have the strongest instincts on the planet, yet for some unknown reason, we seem to trust ourselves the least in this world. It really is like having your very best friend propped up high on your right shoulder, looking out for you from every angle. And why wouldn’t we trust our very best friend???” 

“Remember: nothing good ever came from a date with a smooth operator that didn’t involve an epidural and forceps.” 

“As I see it, a family that split up was not a family that failed in this case – just a family that was led by adults who saw a better path.”